Paul Klee Name Art

Looking for an exciting name art project? How about introducing a famous artist at the same time? Try this Paul Klee-inspired graphic name art project.

Second graders create name art in the style of Paul Klee. Allow 1-2 40 minute classes. Artwork by Tyler.

Start out by introducing artworks by Paul Klee. This project is inspired by his graphic works such as Castle and SunWikiPaintings has lots of images of his art. Click here,  herehere, and here to see some of Klee’s other graphic artworks. This is a good time to talk about abstract art.


  • Black construction paper, 11″x14″
  • pencils and erasers
  • Oil Pastels (including white)

Students should turn their paper horizontally. They write their names in pencil, using all capital letters. Encourage students to S-T-R-E-T-C-H their letters from the bottom to the top of the paper (note: students with long names may need to draw extra skinny letters, use longer paper, or perhaps use their nicknames).  The letters can touch the left and right sides of the paper AND touch each other: letters such as ‘E’, ‘F’ and ‘K’ look more abstract when drawn in this manner.

After they are pleased with the layout, they trace over their pencil lines in white oil pastel.

Students write their name in white oil pastel, then fill in the spaces with colored pastels.

Next they color in the spaces in their name. Encourage them to use a variety of colors, although it is fine to repeat colors. Students must not color in with black pastels.

Completed second grade art:







Show students the completed projects and ask if they can read the artist’s name. Successful artworks are often abstracted to the point it is challenging to see the artist’s name! How does this compare to Klee’s graphic artworks?

This lesson plan was inspired by (or abstracted from!) this fabulous post on the Kids Artists blog.


Do you have a favorite name art lesson plan for the beginning of the year?


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3 thoughts on “Paul Klee Name Art

  1. I searched all over the web for”Klee paintings with text” or “paintings with words” and found nothing to show my students. I keep seeing art projects by students but needed to show my kids that this idea was inspired by Paul Klee! Finally I found it on your site!! A link to the beautiful “Once Emerged From the Gray of Night”! I love it. I am embarrassed to say in my 33 years of teaching art, I have never seen this work of Klee’s. I am so glad I found it and your site. Now I have the confidence to do the project! I teach approx. 400 k-5 in a public school in Deleon Springs, Florida. I would love to hear from you.

    • Hi Debbie
      I am so glad I was able to help you and your students. I went through the same search last year when I was preparing the Klee lesson. Don’t be embarrassed about not having seen the image – Klee was such a prolific and experimental artist that it is hard to sift through his work.
      Do you ever put student work online? I would love to see the finished student work! Could you reply with a link or send a photo to
      Thanks for your comment

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