Colorful Landscape Name Art

Fourth graders use markers to make landscape name art. Allow two 40-minute sessions.


Looking for quick,  fun name art project? Here is the colorful project that gives 100% success and lets you get to know your students.

Students made a simple landscapes using curved lines. Each section was filled with a single repeated word. One section had to filled with the student’s name; the other sections had to be filled with single repeated words that described the student in some way. Students incorporated their pets, favorite subjects (yay art!), sports, activities, family members and favorite foods.

Jordan included her dog, Pinky, in her name art.

Sam likes telescopes.


I love how Jacob personalized his landscape.

This lesson is adapted from this landscape lesson plan on the Arteascoula blog (via Deep Space Sparkle).


P.S. I love name art!  I started a name art board on Pinterest to help plan our fall name art unit.

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3 thoughts on “Colorful Landscape Name Art

    • This project is so neat and fun. It would make a great gift if filled with words about grandma, a teacher, etc. Enjoy!

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