Sport Trophies for Fifth Grade: Update


This week the fifth graders continued work on their spectacular sport trophies. The wire and foil figures are now posed and wrapped with plaster wrap. Almost all have been stapled to wooden bases. Our fifth graders have experience working with plaster (see this post and this post) so almost all finished wrapping the figures during our 40 minute class.


Don’t you love the poses and accessories?

Skier with popsicle stick skis and bamboo skewer poles.


Here’s a ‘wrap up’ (get it?) of all the steps so far:

wire armature made from two pieces of 18 inch pre-cut floral wire

Wrap wire with foil, trim arms

Wrap with plaster wrap and mount

UPDATE: see the finished Olympic trophies in this post!


NOTE: I used three basic supplies for these sport sculptures:

  • Plaster wrap
  • Pre-cut floral wire (aka stem wire)
  • Pre-cut aluminum foil

Pacon 52720 Plast’r Craft Plaster Impregnated Gauze Strips, 20 lbs.

 18″ Pre-Cut Stem (Floral) wire 20 Gauge Bright Silver

(similar product available at Michaels and Wal-Mart craft department)

Pre-cut Aluminum Foil Popup Sheets

(similar product available at Costco and Smart & Final)



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Hi there! I'm Rina. I teach K-6 art to 400 students at a public school near San Diego, California. I love teaching art and sharing with other art teachers. Thanks for visiting!

3 thoughts on “Sport Trophies for Fifth Grade: Update

  1. Sunnylee Mowery

    Love this project! Your students look like they are loving it too! So timely with the Olympics coming up this summer in London. You have some really fantastic ideas on your website. So excited to add you to my Blogroll!

    • Rina

      Hi Sunny!
      Thanks! It is a super fun project, and not only for the artists. The whole school loves looking at them. You are on my blogroll too!

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