Sport Trophy Sculptures for Fifth Grade: Part 1

Most of the 5th graders at our schools have at least one trophy – for soccer, baseball, basketball, dance, etc. Each year the fifth graders create their own sport trophy sculptures using wire, foil and plaster wrap.

2012 is an Olympic year. We begin by looking at photos of Olympic athletes in all sorts of sports. We talked about dynamic poses – athletes in motion – and how much more interesting they are than static poses.

Male gymnast in a dynamic pose

Gymnast pose captured in wire and foil.

(gymnast photo source)

Next I projected some sports photos and we practiced drawing the athletes as stick figures.

I passed out wire figures and the students wrapped them in foil. They had a great time posing them!

Wire figure.

Fifth grader uses reference photo to pose figure.

See the trophies progress in Part 2 (now online) and the finished Olympic trophies in this post.


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