Mayflower Drawing Video from Shoo Rayner

shoo rayner mayflowerHave you seen the free how-to-draw videos from Shoo Rayner? He just posted a Mayflower drawing video which would be great for middle and high school. I love how he shows the whole drawing process, from a light pencil sketch to a finished pen drawing.

Shoo has lots of other fabulous drawing videos. If you have students who love to draw (and parents who allow them to access YouTube), please let them know about these fabulous videos. They will stay very busy over the winter break!


Thanksgiving Mayflower Drawings


Mayflower drawing - instructions from Art Projects for Kids blog.

If you are looking for a super-successful step-by-step Mayflower drawing, head right over to Art Projects for Kids. I downloaded Kathy Barbro’s excellent instructions and taught the lesson to our third graders. Result: 100% success!!!! CLICK HERE for the instructions.



Mayflower drawings - instructions at artprojectsforkids.orgMayflower drawing instructions at

I absolutely love Crayola Color Sticks for this project. The white sails really stands out on the light brown paper. Kids can layer colors, or create bright solid color areas using heavy hand pressure.

Have a happy holiday!



If you are looking for a whole-class art project, also has nice downloadable murals for all the holidays.

Felt Food Collage

felt food collage New Children's Museum

Second grader’s food collage includes a carrot, egg and celery.

Are you looking for an engaging collage project? Try this ‘feast on a plate’ felt food collage project from San Diego’s New Children’s Museum.

I recently toured the Museum’s new food-themed exhibit FEAST: The Art of Playing with Your Food. I found a group of children at an art-making station, happily creating their own collage feasts out of colorful cut felt. I saw felt eggs, bacon, celery, blueberries, and mini-waffles all arranged and glued to paper plates.

Third grader's plate includes bacon and mini-waffles created from felt and other fabric scraps.

Third grader’s plate includes bacon and mini-waffles created from felt and other fabric scraps.

The New Children’s Museum has this lesson plan online, complete with connections to nutrition, visual arts and common core standards. Click here for the Eat More Art! 60-minute food collage lesson plan.

Food sculptures made by rolling fabric and wrapping with yarn.

Food sculptures made by rolling fabric and wrapping with yarn (teacher example).

This would be a fabulous idea for a Thanksgiving feast art project!

Whether you are a parent or a teacher, be sure to check out the New Children’s Museum when you visit San Diego. The museum offers art-making activities for children EVERY DAY. I wrote more about the museum in this post and this post.





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