Rainbow Fish: Glazed Clay Fish

rainbow glaze clay fish

So many fish in the sea!

Our sixth grade finished the slab clay fish project. Although I provided a choice of  just three templates, students were able to customize them through re-shaping, texture, and glaze. We ended up with a wide variety of fish.

These three rainbow fish started from the same template. Artists scratched lines into the wet clay to make stripes. Later they painted these defined areas. Students who did this technique ended up with neatly glazed fish. Caution: avoid scratching a line across the narrowest part of the tail – it will be more likely to break.

mariel's fish

Want to make a rainbow fish? Make shallow lines in wet clay with a skewer. Glaze fired clay – try to stay inside the lines!


Morgan's fish

Here is a different rainbow fish.  The artist used a different template, then created texture with tiny balls of clay and the eraser tip of pencil. The fish is trimmed with a thin clay coil, which the artist later glazed shiny black.


I wrote how to roll and cut the fish here and here. More glazing examples here. More examples next week!

Knights in Shining Armor for First Grade

First graders just love knights. We traced a template, then drew in details. We used silver tempera, metallic watercolors and fabulous embellishments to create our knights. Intruders beware – the castle is safe!


Clay Fish from Templates Swim into Sixth Grade

Today my fabulous colleagues stayed after school for a clay session. We made clay fish using slabs and templates. The sixth grade does this project in the spring.  Allow three 40+ minute sessions for this lesson.

Day 1: Select template. Roll slab and cut fish. Wrap in wet paper towels and store in gallon Ziploc bag

Day 2: Add details and texture.

Allow to dry.  Bisque fire…..then

Day 3: Glaze.

Texture tools include pencils, marker caps, glue caps and tips, and carved rubber stamps



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