Paris Graffiti Part 3: Stencils

On my trip to Paris last month I saw this fine example of stenciled street art.

I think that the artist used three separate stencils to create the artwork.


Look carefully at the spray can – it even has a mist of red on it.


The artist even signed it. I think it was a self portrait.

Here is one other stencil I liked:


Want to see more Paris street art? You might like this post and this post.

Paris Graffiti part 2 (and a street legal version)




I wrote about the fabulous street art of Paris in this post. Here is one of my favorites, a valentine found on the Rue Amelot:


There are even little hearts found on the stairs.

This type of street art doesn’t have to be illegal or even subversive. San Diego artist and educator Ray Kinne explains his street art installation, which he refers to as a ‘temporary tattoo’, in this video. He used a large-scale printer to create the posters, and a homemade paste of flour, sugar and water to adhere them to the wall. The artist claims they are easily removable.

I’m thinking high school project…..

Paris Graffiti 2012

I just came back from a week in Paris. It was wonderful to visit all the museums and see in person the artworks we teach our students (oh yeah, the food was awesome, too).

But Paris has a very different kind of art as well. Many streets are covered with a wide variety of graffiti, or ‘street art’. This initially came as a shock to me, an American tourist, as I had a pre-conceived notion of Paris as a tidy, historic city. Well, take a look at the latest Paris art, photographed in June, 2012.

This is an intricate, laser-cut sticker.

These were printed out and pasted on the wall. Is that a Mr. T sticker?

Multi-layered street art included newspaper collage for the clothes.

These were printed out and pasted to the wall.


These photos were taken on the Rue Amelot in the 11th arrondissement and in the St. Germain de Pres.

On the one hand it saddens me to see public property defaced. On the other hand, it is exciting to be surrounded by contemporary art everywhere you turn. I took a ton of photos and will share more in the next post.

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