Kindergarten Art Centers

Our kindergarteners are enjoying art class! This fall kindergarten exploratory art is 60 minutes long. That’s a long time for a five year old, particularly in the first weeks of school. I’ve had a lot of success with a three-part lesson:

  1. Go to the rug and read a story
  2. Rotate through art centers
  3. Meet back on the rug and ‘share out’ what we liked and learned.

Art Centers:

These centers are much more than fun: students learn about shapes and colors while exploring the clear acrylic shapes. They test their memory at the memo card game. Punching builds hand strength. Stamping with tiny stamps and gluing tiny shapes are great fine motor activity. Magnetic sculpture allows students to explore science and sculpture.

All centers were on a 10 minute rotation. We rotated through the centers for two days so everyone had a chance to explore everything.

Kindergarten art centers

Kindergarten art centers. We did these on a 10-minute rotation over two days.

Want to try these at home?

Click here to learn how to make your own magnetic sculpture center.

Click here to learn how to make your own glue sponge, perfect for collage.


Do you have a favorite kindergarten art activity?

Too Much Glue! Collage for Kindergarten

too much glue collage for kindergarten

Here is a fun and easy kindergarten collage project based on the new book, Too Much Glue.

Too Much Glue by Matt LeFebre, 2013.



  • construction paper 12″x18″
  • scissors
  • glue sticks
  • construction paper crayons
  • homemade glue sponges, one per table
  • colored paper scraps (we used origami paper scraps)
  • photocopies of ‘glue suit’ clothing template (click here for pdf)

Day 1: Read book, begin portrait

Read the story. Pass out paper clothing. Students cut out the paper suit and use glue stick to glue it in the center of the construction paper (this is a great opportunity to assess your students cutting skills).

Use construction paper crayons to make face, hair, hands and feet.

Day 2: Create collage clothing

In the story, Matty used so much glue that everything stuck to him. For our project, we collaged our paper clothes with pieces of colored paper. Kindergarteners had success using our new glue sponges for collage.

glue sponge shared at a table

Kindergarten results:

Kindergarteners use paper scraps, template and glue sponge to make collage portraits.  Allow two 40 minute classes.

Kindergarteners use paper scraps, template and glue sponge to make collage portraits. Allow two 40 minute classes.

too much glue collage

(You know what?  I think that free downloadable glue suit template would be a great start for a scarecrow collage project)



Note: I received an advance copy of ‘Too Much Glue’.

Too Much Glue! Stick Puppets for Kindergarten and First Grade

I received an advance copy of a new book, Too Much Glue. It’s a story absolutely perfect for kindergarten and first grade for the first days of art class – especially when you are teaching them how to use glue!

The story is about a boy named Matty who ignores his art teacher’s rules for white glue – ‘raindrops, not puddles’ – and uses so much glue that he glues himself to the table. His friends try to help, but they make the problem worse. By the middle of the book Matty is still trapped. The bell is about to ring! The carpool is waiting! How will Matty get out of this mess?

Too Much Glue by Matt LeFebre, 2013.

My kindergarten stick puppet lesson is a great tie-in project for this book. We used white glue, cardboard, Sharpies, popsicle sticks and paper and yarn scraps. Kinders LOVE to make art they can play with! Click here to see all the instructions.

'Too Much Glue' Stick Puppets

This year we added ‘clothing’ with the amazing glue sponge. Click learn how to make your own!

the glue sponge 1

Too Much Glue by Jason LeFebvre and Zac Retz will be available at and Barnes and Noble by December, 2013.


The Glue Sponge: Great for Paper Collage


the glue sponge 1

If you like to do collage projects with young students, this post is for you. I just discovered the glue sponge! It is perfect for gluing small pieces of paper. It is much easier and neater than glue bottles and glue sticks, especially for kindergarten and first grade.

To make your own glue sponge, click here. You’ll need a lidded plastic container, sponge, white glue, and a spray bottle of water. It was a great way to use my half-empty glue bottles leftover from last year. We made one glue sponge per table, to be shared by four students.

glue sponge shared at a table

Kinders collaged origami paper, construction paper and copy paper. They loved it. The papers dried smooth and flat. Nothing fell off!


  • much less messy than white glue in the bottle
  • easier than glue sticks
  • no waste
  • easy to share
  • easy to store

Just mist with water before closing, and turn sponge occasionally. Tip: don’t saturate with water – these work best when tacky.

Take a look at the kindergarten paper sculpture in this post from Art for 1170. The glue sponge is good for paper sculpture too!

We’ll still use glue sticks for larger pieces of paper, and glue bottles for beads and such. For collage with small pieces of paper, I’m sticking with the glue sponge 🙂


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