Fun Photo Illustrations Inspired by Javier Perez

sixth grade cinta scotch pin #3

Our sixth graders just finished a quick, highly engaging photography/drawing project.

This project was inspired by the work of Ecuadorian artist/art director Javier Perez , also known by the nickname ‘Cinta Scotch’. He uses found objects plus ink to create simple, witty illustrations which he shares with his followers on social media.

I gave each table copy paper, sharpies, and a bin containing a bunch of random objects (office supplies, pasta, some kitchen tools, corks and other odds and ends). They created these artworks, and photographed them with iPads. Each kid was able to create at least two during a single 40-minute class.

You can see Javier Perez’ body of work on Instagram or on his Facebook page. 

sixth grade cinta scotch pin #1


sixth grade cinta scotch pin #2


sixth grade cinta scotch pin #7 sixth grade cinta scotch pin #6 sixth grade cinta scotch pin #5 sixth grade cinta scotch pin #4

After our sixth graders completed the project, I shared these photos with Mr. Perez via Facebook. He was pleased with the student work. Cool!


Edmodo and the Elementary Art Room

edmodo in the art room
Your school may be using But are you? Why would you?

What is Edmodo?

In many ways, Edmodo operates like Facebook for the classroom. You can share photos, video, links and files such as PowerPoints/Keynotes. Teachers can post homework and also take polls. Students can reply, just like on FB. Our classroom teachers use Edmodo everyday in our 1:1 iPad classrooms, and students can log in from home.

Edmodo lets teachers create a digital library of files, so they can be shared again with a new class next year. It is also integrated with Google Drive.

Share Digital Resources with Students Before Class

I like to share digital resources before I begin a new lesson. This lets me

  • create an anticipatory set
  • catch up absent students
  • ‘flip’ lesson plans
  • differentiate lesson plans: perfect for those students want to dig deeper into the project, or view step-by-step at home

Great for Short Art Classes

My class is only 40 minutes long, once a week. I would love to share all my resources in class AND do an art project. I just don’t have a lot of time.

Timely Links to Classroom Lessons

Is the general ed class studying Ancient Egypt or China? Share appropriate art links on Edmodo.

Analyze an Art Work

Post a single artwork, and ask students to analyze it (click here for some good questions to ask your students). They can post their replies; the whole class can see all the replies.

Intuitive (if you are familiar with Facebook)

if you are familiar with FB, Edmodo won’t be hard use. I didn’t go to any training. If your school already has Edmodo, get an account, and ask the general ed teachers for their ‘class codes’.

edmodo in the art room 2

Connect with Teachers Around the Country (and Around the World)

Edmodo lets you connect with other art teachers from around the country, kind of like ‘friending’ on FB.  I am currently linked with only one other art teacher, in far-away Chicago. If you are an elementary school art teacher, please look for me on Edmodo.  Rina Vinetz, Solana Santa Fe School. I would love to connect and share the resources I am putting in my library.


Are you using Has it been useful?

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