Are you interested in lessons incorporating STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math)? Here is a collection of my art lessons that do just that, with connections to Next Generation Science/Engineering or Common Core.

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Science + Technology + Design + Art + Math:

Cut Paper Snowflakes Designed on an iPad. Taught in conduction with science lab snow lesson. Students explore snowflakes under magnification, design virtual snowflakes, then use paper, scissors and protractors to execute their design. Connections: Common core geometry standards grade 4. NGSS Engineering Crosscutting Concepts: cause and effect.

Science + Art

Drawing Weeds. Connections: Science. Weeds are organisms that are very successful at reproduction – popping up frequently and rapidly in unwanted locations.

LS4.C: Adaptation

  • For any particular environment, some kinds of organisms survive well, some survive less well, and some cannot survive at all. (3-LS4-3)

Art + Math+Technology:

Wayne Thiebaud Geometric Desserts. Connections: math, common core geometry standards grade 2 and common core geometry standards grade 1. Post includes animoto combining examples of art and math.

iPad Symmetrical Butterflies. Students create symmetrical butterflies using iPad and free app Sketchbook X. Connections: Common core geometry standards grade 4.

Technology + Art:

iPad Blended Self-Portrait: students use iPads plus free apps Pic Collage and SketchbookX to create expressive layered portraits. Post includes tutorial recorded with iPad, MacBook Pro and AirServer.

iPad Alphabet Photography: Students use iPad camera plus free app Pic Collage to create their own alphabet by photographing found objects. Free iBook on iTunes.

Computer Science

Animated Name Art: use desktop computer plus free Scratch coding website to create animated name art. NGSS crosscutting concepts : cause and effect.



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