NEW! Free Online Class from MoMA – Great for Art Teachers

Art & Activity: Interactive Strategies for Engaging with Art

New York’s Museum of Modern Art will offer it’s second FREE online art education class beginning July 7, 2014.

“Integrating works of art from the Museum’s vast collection, MoMA Education staff will demonstrate interactive strategies for exploring objects and images with people of all ages. Along the way, we’ll demonstrate how these strategies can not only push your teaching into exciting new directions, but also serve as tools for assessing student learning.”

Click here to sign up through Coursera. It’s totally free!

FYI I took another MoMA online art education class last summer – it was very informative and definitely worth my time.

I’m signed up – see you online!


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6 thoughts on “NEW! Free Online Class from MoMA – Great for Art Teachers

  1. Rina – I just signed up, too! Thanks for the heads up! Does the class meet at a certain time each week or is it when you can get online?


    • Hi Kathy
      Glad to hear you signed up! I think you will enjoy it.
      Last time I took the MoMA class, materials were released once a week. You could log on anytime to do the readings/videos. Homework was ‘due’ at the end of the week. Our final project was peer-assessed.
      I’ll be comparing notes with you Kathy! See you online.

  2. Hi Rina
    Thank you for the inspiration to sign up for this class, which I did. This was just such a great experience. I loved doing the homework, this class was perfect timing in summer, besides teaching summer camps and extended summer school. I saw that you also were signed up. We are all waiting for the phase 3 now of the final assignments. Good Luck and thanks.

    • Hi Anna
      I loved this class! I learned a tremendous amount from the instructional videos, and now have a wealth of activity ideas from everyone’s final projects. So glad you enjoyed the class as well. Can you recommend any other MOOC opportunities that would be good for art teachers?
      Have a great fall

      • Hi Anna
        Just went to the MOOC forums and saw your reply to the Rodin “Burgers of Calais” sculpture plan. I love your idea of using crumpled kraft paper as a sculpture material. We are going to make hats with the kindergarten this fall – I will definitely test out your technique.

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