Rain Paint

Heavy rain is forecast for tomorrow. If I happened to have some powdered tempera around, I might try this charming rainy day art project from Arts and Activities magazine, September 1969.


Happy Throwback Thursday! Stop by on Thursdays to see what I’ve found in my vintage art education collection.


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4 thoughts on “Rain Paint

  1. Kathy Olson

    Wish I had some powdered tempera for tomorrow!!!!!

    • Rina Vinetz

      Hi Kathy
      I’m going to ask our veteran teachers (30+ years in the classroom) if they have any old powdered tempera in the back of their cabinets. I could at least test it out! I will report back if I can locate any powdered tempera.

  2. Wow, I had powdered tempera years ago, but never thought of this. What fun! And after spending yesterday marbling with shaving cream and liquid watercolor, this post made me think of something cool to test. What about sprinkling the powdered tempera into the shaving cream and swirling, and then printing it on paper like we do with the watercolors? I bet we’d get some cool effects! Anyone with extra powdered tempera who wants to send it to me, I’d be glad to test it for you!

    • Rina Vinetz

      Hi Phyl
      Love the idea of creating marbled paper prints with powdered tempera. I will need to test out your marbling technique before art camp next summer!

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