CD Case Greeting Cards

CD case valentines

Got old CD cases? Here’s a great way to use them: create greeting cards using oil pastels and Sharpie.¬†Our 5th and 6th graders made Valentines, birthday cards and more during a single 40-minute class.


  • CD jewel cases (trays removed)
  • oil pastels
  • Sharpies
  • rubbing alcohol
  • baby oil
  • baby wipes for clean up
CD case greeting cards

Several students made birthday cards. One made a farewell card. Another made a card consoling his father on the Bronco’s loss in the Superbowl.

Sharpie on the Outside, Oil Pastel on the inside

Students start by drawing a design on the front of the CD case using a black Sharpie. Then they open up the case and color the inside with oil pastel. The process is repeated on the back of the case. A lot of students wrote personal messages on the back of the case.

CD case valentine Joey

CD case valentines open

 Correcting Mistakes:

It’s easy to fix mistakes. Rubbing alcohol will remove Sharpie. Baby oil will remove oil pastel. Our 5th and 6th graders fixed their own mistakes.

Keep it neat:

CD cases trap the oil pastel-mess on the inside of the case. These greeting cards can travel home without making a mess in the backpack.

At clean up time, wipe down the tables with baby wipes.

EASY! Plus you are keeping those old CD cases out of the dump!




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2 thoughts on “CD Case Greeting Cards

  1. I love this project idea! I have used tissue paper on CD cases with my 2nd grade students many times. Its a great gluing project and they turn out beautifully. I keep a collection for a quick project every year. Luckily, as I was going to work one morning a box next to a trash can caught my eye. I stopped and it was full of empty CD cases…meant to be! One happy art teacher! I’ll have to try your project!

    • Hi Vicki
      Wow – I love the idea of using tissue paper inside the CD cases. I can imaging a stained glass window design! What adhesive did you use?

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