If the Dinosaurs Came Back for Kindergarten

If the Dinosaurs Came Back by Bernard Most

Kindergarteners LOVE dinosaurs. Here’s a 100% successful project based on the book  If the Dinosaurs Came Back by Bernard Most. I saw it on this post on the Elementary Art Room! blog.



  • White paper, 9″x12″
  • Sharpies
  • Colored construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks

 Day 1: Read the book, talk about lines, draw the background

If the Dinosaurs Came Back by Bernard Most

Look at all those lines! I can see zig zag, vertical, horizontal, diagonal, wavy….

We read the book, noting the many rectangular buildings and windows. It was an opportunity to practice all the lines we have learned in kindergarten so far. We could see wavy, zig zag, diagonal, vertical, horizontal, dotted and dashed lines in the illustrations. Next we drew the background with Sharpie.

If the Dinosaurs Came Back - Day 1

Day 1: create a background city.


Day 2: Dinosaur Collage

I passed out colored paper scraps to each table. There were only two rules: the dinosaur had to be at least as big as your hand, and it had to be one color. The kids used glue stick to create the collage, then added more details (and more lines, shapes and patterns) with Sharpie.

if the dinosaurs came back 5 If the Dinosaurs Came Back 4

This year Common Core is creeping into our curriculum, even in the art room. We’re encouraged to incorporate literature into everything. I was thrilled to do 100% successful lesson that emphasized line and shape AND tied in to a book. Hurray!



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6 thoughts on “If the Dinosaurs Came Back for Kindergarten

  1. What a great way to combine literature and art! My dinosaur stencils are one of the most popular choices for some of the students when they have choice time. Right now we are working on lines and patterns in my first grade art classes, so I’m going to have to find this book!

    • Hi Charmaine
      A group of principals was touring the school and surprised me in the art room as I was teaching this lesson. They commented on the art + literature connection. Win-win!

      Those dinosaur stencils sound awesome!

    • Hi there

      I love the details students added to their art. They really were illustrating their own stories. I’m sure your students will like this lesson.

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