Snazaroo Face Paint Review

I never tried face paint…until this Halloween. I’d seen face painters at festivals creating beautiful designs. Could I do that?

Way back in March, I received a big swag bag of sample art supplies from Col Art. Included were two types of Snazaroo face paint. I tested them out on some kids for Halloween.

First up: Snazaroo face paint sticks Snazaroo Face Painting Sticks. There six colors in the pack. They feel a bit like oil pastels. They are ready to use right out of the package – no water required. You need to warm these in your hand to get them to glide over the skin.  I used them to dress up three boys – they were happy with the results. They were quick and easy to use, and you can decorate a lot of faces quickly.

You cannot get a fine line with these paint sticks. They are good for quick, simple stripes of color. I think they would be great for a class play or birthday party.



The boys got quick face paint with Snazaroo face paint sticks. Their sister wears a butterfly painted with Snazaroo cream face paint and face paint sticks.

Next I tested out the cream face paint in the Snazaroo Face Paint Butterfly Mini Kit. These paints need to be applied with a dampened sponge or brush (included in the kit). I loved these face paints – the colors were rich and they glided over the face. I painted a quick butterfly on a girls face. I like the enclosed sponge, but I wasn’t wild about the brush. Bring your own eye liner make up brush or get the Snazaroo Face Painting Brushes to make finer lines.

I layered the face paint sticks over the cream paint. It looked great, the little girl was happy with her results.

If I were going to paint faces at a festival, I would go with the cream face paint. I think I could get beautiful, elegant results with a little practice.


P. loves her butterfly, painted with Snazaroo cream face paint.


L. is the fiercest kindergartener ever! He is wearing the Snazaroo face paint sticks.

How do you remove face paint? My online research says try tepid water and baby shampoo. Gently wash the face – do not scrub!  You could also try baby oil on a cotton ball.

Thanks to Col Art for providing the Snazaroo face paints.  You made a bunch of kids happy on Halloween!  I will definitely use these again.


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3 thoughts on “Snazaroo Face Paint Review

  1. I have been face painting for about 15 years and Snaz is my paint of choice. It is FDA approved, created by a cosmetic company and will actually remove easily with soap and water. If you visit the Snazaroo USA site there are loads of tutorials to help you develop your style. Pull out your cosmetic sponges and purchase some regular art brushes to dedicate to your FP and you will be well on your way. I personally do not like the crayons at all but love all the other products. My company name for painting is Magic Brushes a subsidiary company of BTC Entertainment. You can find a link to some of my work by visiting my art blog Art on my Hands. Enjoy your new hobby, it might turn into a new passion!

    • Hi Kim

      I checked out your Magic Brushes page. WOW! I love how you blended the colors on the little tiger faces. Lots of the boys in my classes love Spiderman and your design is great. I even pinned the photo of your FP director chair set-up!

      I would like to get a larger set of colors (and some better brushes) and practice with the tutorials. Thanks for the inspiration!

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