Seurat Pointillist Food

seurat pointillist food: Q-tips, pan watercolor and markers. Very successful!

Fourth grade just finished their Seurat pointillism art project. Our students used pan watercolors, Q-tips and markers to make pointillist food! The project was inspired by this project by Jessica Young at Miss Young’s Artroom.


  • pan watercolors
  • Q-tips
  • colored markers (we used Crayola and Sharpie)
  • pencil/eraser
  • white paper, 9″x12″
  • reference photos (I found dessert images on Pinterest)
  • loups or magnifying glasses
  • pointillist note cards (like these – available at and or books

Day 1: Learn about pointillism

I passed out pointillist notecards and magnifying loups (borrowed from our science lab). It was a lot of fun to see the dots up close.

Next we watched the first half of an AMAZING video: ‘Get to the Point’ – Georges Seurat and Pointillism  by Artrageous with Nate.

Finally  we completed a color mixing worksheet, using marker dots to make the secondary colors.

Use a magnifying glass or loop to examine pointillist art up close


homemade pointillist worksheet

Homemade pointillist worksheet

Day 2: Create dots with Q-tip or marker

Students selected a food reference photo, then lightly sketched their basic food shapes on paper. They had the option of using Q-tip or marker to dot their papers.

(warning: we discovered you can’t erase pencil lines after they’ve been painted with pan watercolor. Remind kids to draw lightly!)
seurat pointillist orange

Day 3: Erase lines, add more dots

Students erased their pencil lines from last week, then added MORE DOTS! Some students added a background – a couple even added pointillist borders.

pointillist sundae


Fourth grade results:




This was a VERY popular and successful project! I will definitely repeat.  Are looking for a group pointillism project? Please check out my earlier post for a Seurat mural.

Here’s the cool pointillism video by Artrageous with Nate


This is the first project of our food art series, in honor of the FEAST! exhibit at San Diego’s New Children’s Museum. This year we will be making food art projects at each grade level.

Do you have a favorite food art project?

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7 thoughts on “Seurat Pointillist Food

    • Hi Susan

      The kids loved using the magnifiers. They were especially happy when they found the artist’s signature!

      p.s. love your blog! It is very thoughtful and well written. I especially enjoyed your skin-tone with watercolors post.

  1. Hi Rina, again a great session, one we liked so much we had to try and replicate it. The children we had enjoyed it although we didn’t have many…probably because of half term. Have just posted our latest and wanted to say thanks.

    • Hi Phil
      I checked out your new blog. Your Saturday program is off to a great start. I’m so glad your students liked the Project and video. They are lucky to have you!

  2. Wonderfull. I teach art kindergarden-6th grade too for 325 students. Your examples are amazing and really easy to do. A lot of blessings for you. ( From Colombia )

    • Hi Julia

      So glad you like the project! Thanks so much for visiting from Columbia. I would love to see photos of your student work.


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