No-Mess Kindergarten Line Art


No-Mess Kindergarten Line Art

Are you looking for a nice line art project for your kindergarteners? Check out this project from Marcia Beckett at Art is Basic.

It is a great project. On the first day, our students watched a brief video about different kinds of lines. Then they used black marker to make a variety of lines on their papers.

On day 2, the students colored in and around their lines with Crayola markers. We had a few minutes to spare at the end of class, so we did a ‘line hunt’ in the classroom. The kids were delighted to find the horizontal lines everywhere, including the wires of my drying rack and my window blinds!

No-Mess Kindergarten Line Art 3

No-Mess Kindergarten Line Art 2

Here is my kindergarten line movie playlist on YouTube.  (note: two of these movies are silent!)


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2 thoughts on “No-Mess Kindergarten Line Art

  1. RINA! Those are great! Thanks for linking to my blog! I think this may have been a project I saw in a magazine many years ago.. can’t remember 🙂

    • Hi Marcia
      Your project was a lot of fun. The kindergarteners really enjoyed it. It was also a great way to assess their fine motor skills.

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