Art Room Opening Day Photos 2013

art room opening day photos 2013


Ah, the first days of art. It is so neat and clean and organized in the art room….I just had to share some photos before the room reverts to its natural ‘studio’ state. Here are seven photos taken on opening day.

1. Table Colors and Numbered Seats

In the photo above you can see tables organized by color. All the seats are numbered – four seats to a table.

2. Rotating Jobs by Seat Number

Last year I rotated jobs by table. This year I am rotating jobs by seat number.

seat jobs

3. Rules Poster

My rules poster underneath the amazingly helpful Time Timer.

4. Elements Bulletin Boards

elements bulletin boards

New Organization Projects!!!!

I did three big organization projects:

  • Grade level prep boxes
  • Lesson plan organization
  • Free draw area

5. Grade Level Prep Boxes


grade level prep boxes

These boxes fit perfectly on my shelves, and are big enough to hold 12×18 paper and all my supplies for each project.

I have a big shelf unit on wheels.  I filled it with these yellow catering boxes from the local Jamba Juice smoothie shop. Three boxes fit perfectly on a shelf.  The boxes are large and great for organizing all the supplies. They will be really helpful for organizing prep for our parent volunteers.

(Note: see all that cut wire in the 5th grade prep box? Our parent volunteers just cut 100 3-ft. lengths of it in preparation for our Calder wire sculpture project next week. It all fits in the box with room to spare!).

6. Lesson Plan Organization

Lesson plans go into individual manilla envelopes. Turn the envelopes sideways, and they fit perfectly in my file drawers.

Lesson plans go into individual manilla envelopes.

I completely cleaned out all my lesson plan files this year. Each lesson plan (plus samples) is stored in an individual manilla envelope. I turned each envelope ‘landscape’ and labeled each one. Once turned sideways, they fit perfectly in my file cabinet. This makes me SO HAPPY. Imaginary angels sing when I open the file drawers and see all the organized glory.

(NOTE: I read about the manilla envelope method on Deep Space Sparkle. If you are looking for more ideas check out these great lesson plan organization ideas from Deep Space Sparkle).

7. Free Draw Area

free draw

On top:

In the cubbies below:

  • copy paper
  • origami paper
  • markers, one box per table
  • crayons, one box per table
  • peeled crayons
  • crayon cakes
  • art games

Let the games begin! Have a super new year everyone!


P.S. Click here to see our 2012 Art Room Opening Day photos

Did you make any changes to your art room this year?

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6 thoughts on “Art Room Opening Day Photos 2013

    • Thanks Don. Pics will start flowing next week. I am still amazed that although your district started class after mine, you have already completed and installed a whole-school collaborative project. I’m just doing the rules this week!

    • Hi Rach
      Do not fear- Art Teacher Barbie is still here! No art room is complete without one. Does Mattel make a Professor Barbie? I’ll buy you one for your birthday.

  1. I’d love to hear more about the 4 jobs you have each student do, that you are now rotating through by seat! I am rotating through tables weekly, but those tables are just my helper table, doing whatever I ask them to (pass out work, collect, etc).

    I feel like it could be done better.


    • Hi Melissa

      The jobs (generally) are:
      *table folder leader (passes out and gathers dry work in progress)
      *clean up leader
      *table tub organizer
      *supply leader

      If we are doing clay or sculpture, and we don’t have table folders, I may have sink helper. If we use the bathroom to wash hands (4 sinks vs. only one in my room) we will have bathroom leaders to make sure the floor stays clean.
      For the really big clean up jobs (end of the day post plaster or clay), I will assign special clean up jobs to all 4 seats
      *paper towel
      *whisk broom
      *water spray bottle (maybe!) or another sponge

      Next year I will make big easy-to-read signs with these jobs, laminate them, and put those on the white board as well. Right now I just write it out or say it verbally.

      Good luck!

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