Tear Monsters for Kindergarten and First Grade


tear monsters for kindergarten and first grade

Here is a project I did in the late spring with the kindergarteners. It was a fun way to use up all my colored paper scraps. The kids loved it!


  • black construction paper, 12″x18″
  • colored scraps of construction paper
  • glue sticks

Art Project

Talk about monsters. What body parts do they have? Claws, fangs, wings?  What else?  Do monsters have to be scary? Or can they be friendly?

Model Tearing

Model the correct way to tear: ask students to hold up a small rectangle of paper, and pinch the paper with both hands. Now put the hands together. Make a short tear in the paper, then another and another, always keeping the hands together.

Tear, Arrange and Glue

Students can begin by tearing a larger shape for the monster’s body.  The ragged edges look like monster fur! Keep tearing the larger pieces such as neck and head. Arrange these pieces on the paper. Students can rearrange until they find a composition they like.

Glue down the large pieces. Now add the small details – stripes, claws, eyes, etc.

Encourage kids to share scraps. Don’t let them throw away anything! Others can use the scraps for their monsters.

tear monsters

I love how each monster is unique. Friendly, funny, scary, weird…each one has their own personality.



P.S. Want to organize and manage all those paper scraps? Click here and here and here for helpful ideas via Pinterest.

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