Art + Cooking Camp: Meringues and Degas

Today was Day Three of my Paris-themed art and cooking camp. We began by making meringues and ended by beginning our Degas-inspired sculptures.


Meringues are really fun to make. CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE (AND VIDEO!). We had lots of practice separating eggs. Then we whipped those egg whites and sugar up, up, up into glossy peaks, and piped them onto the baking sheets using a pastry bag and a star tip. The kids had a lot of fun making ‘custom’ giant and mini meringues, and trying to make letter-shaped meringues.

making meringues

Unfortunately, meringues take forever to bake – at least two hours at 200 degrees F. Then they have to cool. So we won’t taste the completed meringues until tomorrow. Not the best choice for a three-hour AM camp. It was humid today – another meringue no-no. Oh well, at least we didn’t bake them on the last day of camp.

Degas-inspired Sculpture:

We talked about Degas. Degas was a French artist who is famous for creating snapshot-like pastel artworks of racehorses and ballet dancers. Unlike the other Impressionists, he did not focus on the quality of light, and created his work indoors (Actually, Degas did not consider himself an Impressionist). After his eyesight started to fail, he switched to sculpture. He initially sculpted his famous ‘Little Dancer Age 14’ in wax on a wire armature;┬áit was later cast in bronze.

We created wire and foil armatures and covered them in plaster wrap. Some kids are creating dancers and some are creating animals. This took about an hour.


degas sculpture art campTomorrow we will make cherry clafouti and finish up our sculptures.

Enjoy (and bon appetit!)

Do you like to cook? Have you taught anyone to cook?

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2 thoughts on “Art + Cooking Camp: Meringues and Degas

  1. Rina, I have a meringue recipe (which includes chocolate mini-chips; yum) that I bring everywhere. It is no-fail, and only takes about 20 minutes to bake!. To avoid egg waste, I buy a powdered egg white (Just Whites) that gets whisked with water. The results are perfection every time, and I’m constantly asked to bring them when I go to pot lucks! And oh do easy! Besides the chocolate chipsand obviously egg whites and sugar, my recipe uses cream of tartar, a small amount of salt, and vanilla. As in your recipe, I bake on parchment or brown paper on cookie sheets. I use a small cookie scoop instead of piping bag. One bowl, real easy! No cookie sheets to wash; just measuring cup/spoons, bowl, beaters, and cookie scoop. Let me know if you should want the recipe (though it is too late for the camp!)
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    • Hi Phyl

      Yes please! My email is k6artsandiego at gmail dot com.

      Thanks so much!

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