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devan's super space saving display

Our students are so lucky! Why? We have dedicated parent volunteers in our art program. One very special volunteer is Devan, chair of the annual art show.

I wanted to share a few of Devan’s ideas for displaying a lot of student art, both 2D and 3D, using just three 6-foot tables.

Here’s how Devan does it:

  • arrange the tables in a ‘T’
  • skirt all the tables with student art
  • place narrow risers in the center of the tables

Table Skirt Display

We created table skirts from bulletin board paper, and stapled the art to them using a long reach stapler.


We use long, narrow ‘beams’ of styrofoam as risers for the table. They are twelve inches tall, six feet long, and about six inches wide. We we able to pin third grade self-portraits to both sides of the styrofoam.

Result: we had space to show ceramics on top of the table and the risers:

The space-saving display

The space-saving display.

Door Display

Do you like the cut out I made for the handle?

Do you like the cut out I made for the handle?

Do you like my door display? I used the time-saving ‘Deep Space Sparkle’ method to hang these: mount the art on construction paper, then staple the art to bulletin board paper using a long reach stapler. I urge you to read this post – it contains so many practical, time-saving tips.

Want more of Devan’s creative display ideas? Click here to see images of our beach-themed 2012 art show.  Thanks again to all the parents, art room and art show volunteers for supporting art in our school.

Note to art education bloggers: if you look carefully, you may see an art project from your blog!  

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    • Hi Jeanette
      Thanks! We had a super chairwoman and helpful volunteers.
      Juried? I think there’s a place for that at the district/museum/county level. For school, it is a joy to celebrate each child with his or her best piece. The kids are so excited to see and share their work.

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