First Grade Shape Monsters

Organic shape monsterFirst graders created fabulous organic shape monsters. The lesson comes straight from this post on the We Heart Art blog. We began by reading Jeremy Draws a Monster by Peter McCarty. Then we looked at the student examples of monsters on the We Heart Art blog post.

We had a discussion of geometric shapes vs. organic shapes. Then I passed out a knotted loop of yarn to each student and they had fun stretching it and re-stretching it into different organic shapes. Finally, they placed the yarn on white paper and traced inside the loop, creating the body of the shape monster.

Students added all sorts of fun details. Some students preferred scary monsters, some preferred friendly monsters. To finish the project, the students cut out their monsters and glued them to colored construction paper.

In all, this project is PERFECT for first graders. I will definitely repeat next year!


IMG_0676 IMG_0677 IMG_0678 IMG_0679

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4 thoughts on “First Grade Shape Monsters

  1. I came across rthis lesson last year, so I found the book at the library and did the lesson with my kindergartners. It was so easy and fun, and the kids had great results. My favorite type of lesson – one that makes kids think and find their own solutions; it encourages creative thinking. Thanks for reminding me of this great lesson!

    • Hi Phyl
      They liked the the book, they liked the project, it was just right. I had to go to the library too, but it was worth it.

    • Hi Anderson

      I think the yarn loop/organic shape idea could be used in a different project with older students. Maybe a Matisse cut paper shape project?


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