Snowmen Snapshots

snowmen snapshots


Third grade just finished their snowmen ‘snapshots’. I found this great lesson at Mrs. Knight’s Smartest Artists.


Third graders drew snowmen from four different points-of-view. Allow three 40-minutes classes.


  • sketch paper
  • pencils and erasers
  • white construction paper, 12″x18″
  • Sharpie
  • viewfinders
  • colored markers, thin-tip and chisel-tip

Day 1:

We looked at all the student examples at Mrs. Knights’ blog. Students learned some new photography vocabulary to describe point-of-view:

  • zoom in/close up
  • zoom out
  • profile/side view
  • 3/4 view
  • viewfinder
  • crop

The third graders sketched their snowmen in all the points-of-view on a sheet of copy paper. Then they moved their viewfinders over the snowmen drawings to crop the picture.

snowman viewfinder

Days 2-3:

Students folded their white construction paper into quarters. Using pencil, they drew the snowmen from four different points-of-view, one in each quarter. They went over their lines with Sharpie, then erased.

Students had to pick a unique color  (or pattern) for each section. I modeled coloring with the markers, and emphasized neatness. This was a ‘no spaghetti’ (no scribbling) project. Some kids still need the reminder!

Third grade results:

snowmen snapshot

snowmen snapshots


This was a very successful project. I heard a couple of kids say they thought it was the best art project they ever did. Please check out Mrs. Knight’s fabulous post – her student examples are great.


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    • Hi Hope
      They loved it. I had your lesson on my Pinterest board for an entire year just waiting for winter.

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