Kindergarten Clay Handprints

Want to make clay handprints for a crowd but don’t have a slab roller? Save yourself some time –  get a multi-slab cutter.

The multi-slab clay cutter.

Multi-slab cutter easily slices a 25-lb. bag of clay into identical tiles.

Prep for the handprints was a breeze: cut the clay, smooth with damp sponge and print!  I added name and date with a wooden skewer. The tiles are not perfectly square so I gave some a quick trim with a metal-edged ruler.

Kindergarten handprints

The multi-slab cutter makes 24 tiles at once and is a HUGE time saver compared to rolling and cutting out each tile individually. If you don’t have a slab roller this is the way to go.

I will let these dry 7-10 days, then bisque fire. They should be glazed and ready to go in time for the holidays. Parents love them as a holiday gift.

I read about the multi-slab roller on Deep Space Sparkle and Mini Matisse. Thanks so much for the tip!

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2 thoughts on “Kindergarten Clay Handprints

  1. Brilliant- I love hearing reviews about products that actually work. I’ve never heard of this multi-slab cutter before but it looks fabulous! The tiles are adorable and the parents (and kids) will love them!

    • Hi Miss
      I love the multi-slab cutter. I used to spend hours rolling and cutting the annual hand prints. It is well worth the moderate price. A tip from Patty at Deep Space Sparkle: keep the wires clean between uses (remove clay bits that cling to wires).

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