Embossed Foil Name Art

Sixth grade just finished their sparkling foil name art projects.


  • cardboard
  • yarn
  • scissors
  • white glue (such as Elmer’s)
  • foil (I love Pre cut foil sheets >)
  • Sharpies or other permanent marker, black and colored
  • spray glue
  • small squares of felt
  • q-tips
  • pencil/erasers
Students began by writing their names in pencil on cardboard. They traced their names in glue, then yarn.

Students write their names in glue and yarn.

Next they added decorative glue/yarn lines. I sprayed the plates with spray glue and slapped on a piece of pre-cut foil.

Students carefully polished the foil with felt squares. This helps the foil adhere to the cardboard and smooths the foil. A q-tip is good for polishing tight areas. Finally, they got to the best part: coloring in with jewel-tone colored Sharpies. Black sharpie looks good too! Remind students to avoid coloring the raised yarn lines.





This project was inspired by this post at Fine Lines and this post at We Heart Art.

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3 thoughts on “Embossed Foil Name Art

    • Hi Elizabeth
      I like your attitude!
      I am wondering if you can start out with a different backing to save time- maybe a sheet of self adhesive craft foam? You wouldnt need any sort of glue. Kids could peel the backing, lay the yarn, slap on the foil. If you needed to store between classes they would fit in a box.
      Good luck!

      update: fun foam may be too soft…..another blogger used an adhesive backed illustration board.

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