Art Room Opening Day Photos

First day of art.


Welcome to a new year in the art room. This year my room looks completely different, from layout to bulletin boards to organization, thanks to all my fellow art teacher bloggers and my dear friend Pinterest.

Now every table, supply bucket, and chair is colored coded.  Chairs are numbered as well (more art room organization photos on this post).

My value poster is made from construction paper in black, white and gray shades. Luckily, I had an O’Keeffe that matched!

Thanks to my colleague Nancy R. for the value poster idea.

Art Teacher Barbie again reigns supreme over the art room.

Every year I tell my students my dad banned Barbie dolls from our house. He felt his three daughters would turn into ‘clothes horses’ if Barbies made it through the door. So Art Teacher Barbie is my very first Barbie doll. She called my name from the toy department at Wal-Mart my first year teaching, and since then we have never been apart.

p.s. In the background you can see my new tempera cake rack (from Blick or Amazon). Hoping that will seriously reduce my clean up time.

Best wishes for a successful school year! May your kiln never explode, and may your messes be manageable.


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8 thoughts on “Art Room Opening Day Photos

  1. I love pinterest & the Barbie doll. I also think the art room looks great, dontcha love pinterest! I hope you have a great weekend!

    • Guess what? My colleague is blond and she ordered the blond art teacher Barbie for her room. Phyl from the blog There’s a Dragon in my Art Room has one and sewed clothes for it!

  2. I always love seeing photos of other teachers art rooms- yours is lovely. I keep seeing pics of this Art Teacher Barbie but never see her in stores 🙁
    I LOVED Barbies as a kid!!
    On a different note, I think you’ll like the tempera cake trays. I use them with my younger grades and they work really well. The only problem is ‘that kid’ who always messes/mixes all the colours together so the whole tray ends up looking brown. But I use student helpers who love to wipe/clean them all off at the end of class with a sponge, so that helps.
    Miss recently posted..Glue Pictures- faux embossed metalMy Profile

    • Hi Miss

      Thanks for the tip about the tempera cakes! I will find some paint monitors to help (I have a few of those ‘experimenters’ as well).


  3. Super display ideas! I love the warm and cool color dot pictures you have…can you tell me where you got them?

    • Hi Lis

      I got the dot art at IKEA years ago. They are placemats. Sadly, they are no longer available.

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