MORE Art Books to Read Online for Free

Stop the presses!  I just discovered a FABULOUS source for online children’s picture books. TumbleBooks, available online for free through some Public Libraries in the U.S.

Some libraries require viewers to hold a library card, but some do not.

WANT TO TRY IT OUT? Google ‘Tumblebooks free’ or try my steps below.

STEP 1: 

Start by clicking  here and CLICK ON ‘Tumblebooks’ or this icon



Select a book for computer or iPad

Here are three winners for young children.

1. Art’s Supplies by Chris Tougas.   Also available for iPad.

Art’s Supplies by Chris Tougas

2. Ish by Peter H. Reynolds





3. Purple, Green, Yellow by Robert Munsch and Helene Desputeaux

Purple, Green and Yellow



The three books are available as a ready-made playlist running 17 minutes. Project and go!

Go to your local library’s website and see if they offer Tumblebooks. Some school districts offer it as well – check out the school library’s website. Tumblebooks has some iPad books for kids as well (note: I was unable to read Tumblebooks on my iPhone).

Enjoy!! Leave a comment if this works for you. Do you have a favorite Tumblebook?

Want more? Check out these additional art books to read online for free.

p.s. Got an iPad? Our 4th grade photography lesson is now available as a free download from the iBookstore.

You need an iPad to view it.

Cover Art

iPad Alphabet Photography

Rina Vinetz, Cara Spitzmiller & Angie Tremble

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5 thoughts on “MORE Art Books to Read Online for Free

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    • Hi Tina

      I can’t wait to share Tumblebooks with my general Ed. Colleagues when we go back to school next month. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Tumblebooks is a great find! I hope it will play with my iPad at school. I think it will be great to project the images using a document camera and can’t wait to give it a try!

    • Hi Kim

      I just tested Tumblebooks on my iPad. It works, you access it the same way I described. However, there is a smaller selection of books available for iPad. Hopefully the books you like in the desktop version are also there for you in iPad.

      I agree – its a great resource, in the classroom and at home.

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