Best of the Fair: Clay

Everyone loves clay!  I went to the San Diego County Fair in June, and saw three fabulous clay projects in the youth art show.

1. The Golden Horses (Fifth grade and up)

Fifth graders made these horses. I love how the horse is balancing on tail and two legs.


These are made with some sort of clay on a wire armature.  I am not sure if it is air dry, polymer or regular ceramic clay. I think polymer clay on a floral wire and foil armature, oven baked and then sprayed gold would work. You could use all those horse calendars as reference photos, plus any model or toy horses if you have them (when I was growing up, some of my horse-crazy friends collected them).


Fabulous mane, tail and hooves.

2. Name Art Tile (Fifth grade and up)

Name art tile


Do you have a multi-slab clay cutter? I do, and it looks like this was made using two slabs. Gorgeous! Love the combination of incised and overlapping shapes. This would be a project that parents and students would treasure for many years.

3. Multi-Color Coil Bowls

Top view of the bowl

Top view of another bowl

Love the coil feet!


I don’t think I can guess all the steps that went into making these bowls. I will add you will have to add and dry those coil feet when the bowl is inverted – otherwise the feet will collapse under the weight of the bowl.

Happy summer!

Want to see more fair projects? Check out this post.

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