Best of the Fair: Famous Artist Group Art




Happy summer! I just visited the youth art display at the San Diego County Fair. I saw three fabulous murals you might want to try with your students. All the artworks were made using the downloadable materials available at Art Projects for Kids.
The Van Gogh-inspired murals look completely different from one another. Each used different media. The bottom mural was made using oil pastel.
The assembled Miro-inspired mural was entirely covered in little balls of colored tissue paper. I have never seen anything like it! It looked like a carpet.

Unfortunately, I did not see the names of the teachers who made these wonderful projects with their students. If you know who did – please leave a comment!

P.S. – I am a big fan of the APFK downloadable murals. I did the Seurat mural with two 4th grade classes, and wrote about it in this post.

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One thought on “Best of the Fair: Famous Artist Group Art

  1. Update: The Van Gogh murals were made by 3rd graders at Carson Elementary here in San Diego County, teacher named Oakes (not sure if Ms. or Mr.). The Miro mural was made by 2nd graders at Alpine Elementary, teacher Mrs. Manzella. Great work, students and teachers!

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