Birds on a Wire: Thumbprint Art for Kindergarten

Looking for a quick 40-minute project? Get out your stamp pads. Kindergarteners used crayon, stamp pads and ballpoint pens to create these cute thumbprint birds on a wire.



And just for fun….look how Ryan signed the back of his art! He must be very proud of his writing skills. These kids have come so far since the fall. What a joy!


Inspiration came from Mrs. Weber’s Art Class blog via Pinterest.


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6 thoughts on “Birds on a Wire: Thumbprint Art for Kindergarten

  1. This is such a cute idea!

    • Rina

      Hi Shell – I checked out your blog – I bet your three boys would love thumbprint art (boys in my art classes love turning their thumbprints into baseball and soccer players). Have fun!

  2. Kim

    Oh, I love this thumbprint idea, so cute! We are always doing art around here, and this would be perfect, thank you! (P.S. Found you through SITS)

  3. I love these. They’re so much fun and so easy. My kids and I found a book in the library that has a tons of ideas. I don’t have the name on me right now, but it was a lot of fun. Speaking of which, I think I’ll go look for it on the library catalogue right now. Have fun!

    • Rina

      Hello! I think you are looking for the Ed Emberley thumbprint books. I keep them in my ‘free draw’ area for early finishers. I bet you can find them at your library. What a fun Saturday activity!

  4. Hooray for Ryan! So cute!

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