Calder Wire Sculpture Finale 2012

calder wire sculpture finale 2012

The 5th graders showed off their amazing wire sculptures at the art show last week.  We had about 70 – the biggest group to date. I want you to see some of the best examples, and how we displayed them.

Note: All our sculptures were made with 14 gauge Blick Armature and Sculpture WireClick here for project instructions.


Mariel (middle horse) and Natalie (dog) were able to sign their names in wire.

Connor was able to sign his name in wire.


Fish, pig and camel. Early finishers made name art.

How to Display Wire Sculpture:

Our silver-colored sculptures look best against a solid, dark background. We hung blue vinyl table covering (from a roll) across a wall. We attached twine in front of the covering, and hung the sculptures using paper clips (opened to form an ‘S’ hook).

Completed wire sculpture display.

Great job fifth graders!!!

Kudos to the parent volunteers who helped out in the art room every week. We really appreciate your efforts.

Thanks to our fabulous art show chair and her husband for designing and installing this display. That was a lot of hard work!

Wire sculpture is so much fun, and it’s not messy. Learn about Alexander Calder, the famous (and fun!) artist whose work inspired this lesson. Want to know how? Check out my previous Calder wire sculpture and Calder wire portrait posts complete with PowerPoints. *NEW* Read two Calder books online for free!

Good luck!

I am an affiliate of Blick Art Materials.  I have been using Blick 14-gauge sculpture wire  for nine years and love it!

Note: post updated on 11/23/13.

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4 thoughts on “Calder Wire Sculpture Finale 2012

  1. Hello! Just wondering what kind of wire you’ve used! Id love to do this with my grade 6’s!

    • Hi Jane
      You should definitely try this with your sixth graders! I use 14 gauge sculpture wire from Dick Blick. You get it on a roll. It is soft and easy to sculpt. To add sequins, I use precut floral wire, AKA stem wire, in 26 gauge. It is 18 inches long and comes in packs. I get it at Michael’s or Walmart here in the US.

      Good luck!


  2. My grandson is 13 years old and started teaching himself to sculpt at 2 years old, first with straws and tape, followed by sticks, then about 5 years ago he started with wire, he has never had any outside instruction, it all comes out of his head. He is very creative, his school teachers and anyone that see’s his work is very impressed, I would like to find a class that would teach him the next step as he has always said this is what he wants to do with his life. Do you have any suggestions for us?

    • Hi Mona

      How fabulous that your grandson is excited about sculpture, and that you are supporting his interest. Without knowing where he lives, here are some general suggestions. I think the best resource would be the art teacher at his middle school, or the chair of the art department. You could also
      *check out local art museums – they have classes for kids and teens, especially during summer break
      *consider a summer camp with an art focus
      *email the art teacher at the high school he will attend. He can attach photos of his sculptures.
      One great resource for anyone who wants to learn art techniques: YouTube. There are great instructional videos on the site. For example,Here is wire sculpture tutorial video by a middle school art teacher.
      Dick Blick art supplies has instructional videos as well. Several sculpture lessons are featured in a variety of media.
      Best of luck to you and your young artist!

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