Japanese Kimono Collage


Japanese yukata. This cotton garment is worn in summer or during a visit to a traditional Japanese bath. Source: Akiodesigns.com

Formal furisode kimono. Source: http://web-japan.org

Third grade is doing a Japanese unit. In music class, they are working hard on their school play, a Japanese-themed ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ (featuring real Taiko drums). I found this great kimono collage lesson plan developed by Renee Collins at My Adventures in Positive Space.¬† The project was extremely successful – 100% of students made beautiful collages.

My contribution to this fabulous project is a Japanese kimono powerpoint. We also looked at formal kimono on this website and Japanese clothing on this website.


  • Patterned origami paper (like this variety pack)
  • Kimono templates (courtesy of Blue Moon Palette blog)
  • Pencils/erasers
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks
  • Black construction paper for mounting, cut 6″x6″
  • Colored paper scraps

Here are the completed 3rd grade projects:

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