Martin Fine Art Classes for Kids and Teens

7 year olds drawing still lifes? With charcoal? Or painting in oils? Its possible with the right instruction.

Elementary age student paints still life in oils.

Martin Fine Art Classes teaches all these skills to kids in kindergarten through high school. Albert Martin, an educator with over 20 years experience in public and private education, has developed a Young Masters Art Program focused on the fundamentals of drawing and painting.

Students first learn to lightly sketch objects on paper through still life or sequential step drawings.They learn to correct size, placement, and proportion of initial sketches. Then they begin to master the concepts of drawing and observation by completing drawings of still life and animals, landscape and marine, using charcoal pencil and soft pastel.


This 8-year old uses chalk pastel to shade her drawing.

When they are ready, they can move on to acrylic and oil painting.

Martin Fine Art Classes offers 90 minute day and after-school sessions. In Summer 2012 he will offer 3 hour morning sessions as well. I wish I had gone to a fine art camp when I was a kid!

I have personally observed the after school sessions. Before I went to his studio, I never thought is possible for students this young to sit and focus for 45 minutes. In fact, many students increase their ability to concentrate on their artwork the more classes they take.

Students go home with a pastel still life their very first session!


5 and 6 year old students start out painting in acrylics.

These are skills many will not develop until after a couple of semesters of high school art.  Why wait for high school? Learn how now.

5-7 year olds also learn how to use simple shapes to create fun animal drawings. Alternating between still lifes and this type of drawing help keep interest high.

Also has instruction for adults and teens with a separate curriculum.

Instruction is available for middle school students.

Students can purchase materials for classes right at the studio, or bring their own from home.

If students are fortunate to have art in school, it is often in large group. Many students learn better, and develop skills more quickly with individual or small group instruction. At Martin Fine Art classes the top ratio is 1:8, with each child encouraged to learn at their own pace.

Teens can learn to draw and paint realistic still lifes.

I can personally recommend Mr. Martin as I take his class once a week . It is a TOTAL LUXURY to make my own (grown up!) art after teaching my own students all week.

Martin Fine Art Classes is located in Encinitas, California. Find out more information at .  You can email Albert Martin at to inquire about morning, after school, or summer sessions. Phone is 760-944-7913.


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  1. estou recentemente trabalhando em salas de aulas com crianças adolecentes entre 08 e 15 anos. Eum projeto mantido por parceria entre comunidade, prefeitura e empresas para crianças carentes não ficarem nas ruas fora do periodo escolar. eu preciso aprender a ter mais habilidade para trabalhar alguma coisa de artesanato ou pintura num tempo de 45 minutos. voces tem sugestoes para mim?

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