Pinterest! DIY clay cutting wire tool

Pinterest saves the day! My ancient clay cutting wire tool broke in the middle of 5th grade clay today.


Fortunately, I had pinned some great DIY clay tool photos from The Teaching Palette.


I made my wire cutter on the fly from Two binder clips and 26 gauge floral
wire (left over from wire sculpture).

Thanks Teaching Palette for a great blog post. And thanks to Pinterest for a quick way to retrieve it.


About Rina Vinetz

Hi there! I'm Rina. I teach K-6 art to 400 students at a public school near San Diego, California. I love teaching art and sharing with other art teachers. Thanks for visiting!

2 thoughts on “Pinterest! DIY clay cutting wire tool

  1. Lisa

    You can also use dental floss to cut clay. It has helped me out many times.

    • Rina

      Lisa –

      Great idea! I will buy some for the art room. I can also distribute it easily to all my tables.


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