Art Room Blogs from Around The World

Would you like to tour art rooms from around the world? Here are some I have discovered – all from art rooms far away from North America.

  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • China
  • India
  • Italy/UK
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Scotland
  • Spain
  • Switzerland

Australia (English): Use Your Coloured Pencils. Elementary school.

Belgium: two art rooms

China: two art rooms

  • The Carrot Revolution (English). International school based in Shanghai. High school.
  • ARTabroad (English). International school. Elementary students.

India (English): Art at Woodstock. International school based in Mussoorie. Middle and high school, with separate blog for AP art.

Italy/UK: Arteascuola. Blog by Italian middle school art teacher now living in the UK. Recent posts in English, older posts in Italian.

Saudi Arabia (English): Princess Artypants. International school based in Saudi Arabia. Elementary school.

Scotland (English): Mrs Crosbie. Elementary school.

Spain: two art rooms

  • Artistes A Les Corts (Catalan – Google Translate button on page). Elementary school in Barcelona.
  • Fem Manuales (Catalan – Google Translate button on page). Elementary school in Barcelona.

Switzerland (German): Kunst im Schulhaus Rosenau. Middle school. All posts in German and English.

These blogs are also on my blogroll under ‘art rooms from around the world’.

Do you know of other blogs from art rooms outside of North America? I would love to update this list and repost!!!! Please leave a comment or shoot me at email at

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