Art Room Organization: The Best Things I Ever Bought


Its January.  That means you want to get more organized, right? Here are a few products that make my art room life a little (or a lot!) easier.


Elmer’s triple-size glue sticks. Glue sticks – so much to love, so much to hate. Hate #1: the standard size sticks (.21 oz. each) run out so quickly! Solution: big fat glue sticks.

  1. Elmer’s glue sticks: .77 oz. vs. .21 oz.

    These are more expensive that regular sticks, but they are over 3x larger. Available in 12 packs of white and Goes on Purple/Dries Clear.
    at office supply stores and Amazon (and maybe even your school district’s supplier!).

3M Command removable hooks

I used 3M Command removable hooks on my laminate cabinets. Instant rack!

Do you have laminate cabinets? Or some other vertical surface deemed off-limits to drilling/nailing by school officials? Try 3M Command removable hooks. These hooks have been in use for 3 years and none have fallen off.

2 oz. ‘salsa’ cups and lids

Glaze in 2 oz. 'salsa' cups

You will find many uses for these: glaze, leftover paint, glue, slip….made by Dixie and available at Costco , Smart & Final and Amazon (lids may be sold separately).

Pre-Cut Foil

Friends don’t let friends waste time cutting foil. Pre-cut foil comes in a pop-up box allowing you to distribute it as if it were Kleenex. Small boxes of 25 sheets are often (but not always) available at Dollar Tree and 99 Cents Only. 500 sheet boxes of Foil Popup Sheets are available at Amazon. Costco has its own brand in 500 sheet boxes. I use pre-cut foil for this sculpture project and this name art project.

I read art room blogs for two years before starting my own….your organizational tips have been so helpful to me!!!  Is there another tip you’d like to share? Leave a comment.

Happy January!

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One thought on “Art Room Organization: The Best Things I Ever Bought

  1. These are some great tips- never heard of the foil before- will definitely be on the lookout for it. My Costco never has those Dixie cups- sigh. I’ve only ever had one sink, so I stick with ‘paper palettes’- recycled flyers or magazine pages, to hold paint. Students just toss it after class. Thanks for sharing your tips!

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