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6 thoughts on “Clay Dragons for First Grade: Shiny and Glazed

  1. wow, these are great! i need another clay project for my grade 1’s (i had the great idea to make clay beads– but we can’t glaze fire them without special wires and equipment…duh) and i think these dragons will be perfect!

  2. Rina

    Hi Kristin! 1st graders loved the project. The ‘rainbow’ humped dragons were the trickiest, others were easy. Hope it works out. Also – I added your blog to my ‘art rooms from around the world’ blogroll – your world seems really exotic to me.


  3. Hi Rina…totally shouted out to you in my blog because I borrowed this lesson! I wasn’t as successful as you, but the kids had fun and they were happy to take them home.

    • Rina

      Hi Christina

      Thanks so much for writing! I am thrilled your students had fun with the project, but I am seriously sorry you had to stay after school gluing cracked dragons. Readers – you may want to stick with the ‘S’ or ‘C’ shapes to keep things simple.

  4. Thanks for this great lesson plan idea! Our students study Mandarin, so I was able to tie it in to Chinese mythology. They were so excited to make dragons, and every one was successful. I also love, love, love the idea of having each class do a different shape. My experience was that the humped ones are much simpler to arrange in the kiln, and don’t fall down even without legs as long as you give them a good bit of clay, so I would not say that they were any more challenging to do than the other shapes (for us).

    • Rina

      Hi Dina

      I am so glad this project worked for you and your students! Thanks so much for the feedback and for passing on your tips to other art teachers.


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