Clay Fish from Templates Swim into Sixth Grade

Today my fabulous colleagues stayed after school for a clay session. We made clay fish using slabs and templates. The sixth grade does this project in the spring.  Allow three 40+ minute sessions for this lesson.

Day 1: Select template. Roll slab and cut fish. Wrap in wet paper towels and store in gallon Ziploc bag

Day 2: Add details and texture.

Allow to dry.  Bisque fire…..then

Day 3: Glaze.

Texture tools include pencils, marker caps, glue caps and tips, and carved rubber stamps



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2 thoughts on “Clay Fish from Templates Swim into Sixth Grade

    • Hi Rashad

      I made them myself. The easiest way to find fish templates is go to and put ‘fish template’ in the search box.

      Good luck!

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